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Ideal Lux

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IDEAL LUX entered the lighting market as a small, entrepreneurial firm over 40 years ago and through decades of hard work the company has expanded well beyond its humble beginnings. The headquarters are located in the outskirts of Venice with a multicultural team and with products sold at a global level. The Ideal Lux brand continues to flourish in the decorative lighting sector thanks to a wide array of products, affordable prices and swift, accurate service.


A lamp can at once be a source of light and an object of design able to create an atmosphere that not only illuminates but enhances the surrounding space. Ideal Lux has always followed a people-centred approach to business and design, a philosophy of putting the individual at the centre of every choice. The company’s goal is to create products that embody this philosophy. Light is more than function; it is the articulation of personal aspiration, the realization of a dream or an idea. The company’s creations cater to specific needs, lifestyles, and desires at accessible prices.


Every year considerable effort is placed in revamping the catalogue, expanding the choice of styles, whilst providing new solutions for homes, offices, studios, and public spaces with lines ranging from classic to contemporary, from minimal to vintage, from urban to shabby chic.


Listening to our client’s wishes and demands is engrained in our design process. It is a value that drives our work and a priority to which we dedicate our best efforts. In a competitive market, we believe that it is crucial to be present for the customer in all the phases of the sale, from concept to prompt delivery and even after the sale. It’s simple, we create products to meet your desires we ensure prompt delivery and a reliable customer service.


Ideal Lux is first and foremost a group of people dedicated to the Ideal Lux mission. We have built a young, dynamic, team that have a pulse on what is current while continually thinking forward. We are a team united by the passion for work and driven by the will to improve, always.


Ideal Lux embraces an ethical model of business, which values trust, humility, transparency and reliability. We cultivate long term relationships by trusting to our partners and customers and earning their trust in return.  We are humble in our work, taking ownership of our mistakes and transforming criticism into inspiration. We are transparent and reliable with our stakeholders and we hold our stakeholders to the same high standards. These ethical assumptions are instrumental to establishing prolific, long term commercial relationships. These serve as the foundation upon which we have and continue to build our business.


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