Mareco Luce

Mareco Luce

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MARECO LUCE has been making light since 1973.  It manufactures lighting systems, indoor and outdoor, that meet the demands of private individuals, companies, public administrations, in Italy and in the world.


The company is renowned for the reliability of its products, for their functionality and for the affordable prices. . From the rational use of plastics to the adoption of new materials, from the battle against light pollution to a high social sensibility, from the continuous technological updating to the collaboration with prestigious designers, the company’s research pushes it to always explore new territories.


Today the brand Mareco Luce is a reference point for all qualified industry insiders, technicians, project managers and architects. Mareco understands that lighting doesn’t just mean lighting up a space in order to show it; It means reinventing it, interpreting it, define the outlines, volumes, shadows in order to give the perception of its tri-dimensionality. It means deciphering its secrets and underscore, through light, the value of shadows. Lighting is its business and they have been doing it with passion and competence since 1973.


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