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Light is unbelievably versatile and SLV turns light into a totally new experience – not just in terms of room design but also in terms of service, fast delivery, high quality and fair prices. SLV is your reliable partner when it comes to unique light experiences.


SLV thinks long term: highest quality for future-proof solutions. For this reason SLV uses the highest quality standards – from idea development with designers to the test laboratories in Übach-Palenberg (Headquarter) and Shanghai, where all of the products are thoroughly tested. As far as SLV is concerned, thinking in the long term also means continuously developing products and working on new solutions when it comes to adapting new technologies and standards.


SLV keeps it simple: SLV is your reliable partner for selecting the product to using it. When customers decide to use SLV products, no questions should be unanswered. SLV is available by phone or e-mail to help to select the right products or deal with any concerns customers might have. Products will deliver within 24 hours within Germany, and within 48 hours in many other European countries. This is possible because 98% of the products are always in stock.


SLV is fair: price and performance in perfect harmony. Light can make any environment more attractive. This is why SLV provides everyone with the right lighting solution. From simple, low-cost luminaires to extendable luminaire systems, with SLV you can create an individual light experience. SLV combines high quality, the latest design, maximum delivery performance and future reliability at a price that meets customers’ requirements.


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