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ESS Website Privacy & Cookies Policy


The company will only use your data to improve your shopping and browsing experience and the company will ensure to protect your data. The customer will decide how and when to hear from us. We commit ourselves that your privacy is our main priority.



The staff at Ess are committed to protect your personal data if you have any questions of the procedures of securing your personal data, please get in touch with us on: info@ess.com.mt

GDPR under EU Law – Ess ensures that that you are informed when your personal data- personal information is processed or collected, used or stored by the company. The client has the right to know the details and purpose of processing.

The privacy policy outlines the procedures and practices pertaining to the personal data of our clients and visitors on the website.www.ess.com.mt. for all intents and purposes the data controller mainly the company that is responsible for our online privacy policy is _______________________ with address being at _______________________________________________________________

ESS, assures that all personal data collected of the visitors will be used according to this policy and according to GDPR regulations set in The General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (GDPR) and the Data Protection Act (Cap 586)



The personal information that we might have collected about you through this website is only given to us only if the visitor gives his consent to ESS.

This personal information may be collected from the visitor when asked to fill in a field, registration form, apply for a vacancy, sign up for news letter of to fill any other form requested by the company.

The information that we normally collect from you may include the following:

  1. Name and Surname
  2. Contact Details, email address / Home Address / Telephone Number
  3. Surveys, competitions, purchase history and any saved items
  4. For vacancy applications, other information may be requested




The information may be used in a number of different ways, what we do with it depends on the information and the purpose for which it was collected.


Name & Surname + Contact Details

To send you text messages, e-mails. To deliver purchases if orders are placed. To show you adverts as you browse the web.

Contact History

To provide customer service and support for best satisfaction and customer experience

Purchase History and Saved Items

Provide customer service and support, and handle returns

Finding out what you, and other customers, like to ensure we are giving you what you want, and to stay ahead of the competition



 To enable us to sell our products we would require to collect personal data from you. This may be done in the following situations:

 • Submitting to our mailing list – You may subscribe to our mailing list at any time through this website or when visiting any of our showrooms, so that we can send you updates and offers from our showrooms.

 • Applying for a position with ESS- You may send us a CV in relation to applying for a position with us and therefore, you will providing us with your personal data.

 • Social Media- We may also collect some personal information from social media when you contact us through any of our official pages.

 • Promotions- ESS may, at certain times, carry out a promotional activity on behalf any of its companies. Such activities may at certain times, require the collection of personal data of participants.



We shall always process your data legally in terms of the current laws and regulations and in terms of the GDPR. As an applicant to work at ESS, we process your information due to the fact that:

 1. You have consented to the Processing of the personal data. As soon as ESS determines that we no longer require your data in terms of the law or to protect our legitimate interest interest, your data shall be deleted, unless you consent to your data being kept for a further period.

 2. Processing is necessary to be able to protect our legitimate interest. In relation to marketing, we process your information due to the fact that:

  i. You have consented to receiving such information. We shall never send direct marketing material to you, unless you have provided us with your consent

  ii. Processing is necessary due to other obligations imposed by law;

 iii. Processing is necessary to be able to protect our legitimate interest. If you choose to participate in any one of our promotional activities, we process your information due to the fact that:

 i. You have given us your consent to subscribe to the promotional activity. However, should you wish to withdraw from the promotion, we may store your personal data in terms of ESS retention period due to the below:

 i. Processing may be required in terms of the terms and conditions you would have agreed to when subscribing to the specific promotion;

 ii. Processing is necessary to be able to protect our legitimate interest, even after the promotion is finished. What information we collect

  1. If we collect data in relation for marketing, such information shall be only limited to:
  2.  • Your email address
  3.  • Your residential address
  4.  • Your phone number
  5.  • Your IP


Such information shall be collected only for direct marketing purposes as explained below. Should you wish to subscribe to our mailing list, please send an email to marketing@ess.com.mt

  ii) We may also collect personal data if you apply for a position with us and this will include:

• Name and Surname

• Your CV and any information contained therein

• Residential address

• Date of Birth

• ID Card no

• Home and mobile telephone number

Additional information may be collected if you are accepted with ESS and this shall be regulated under the ESS internal data protection policy.

All information contained herein shall be kept in terms of ESS company policy and in terms of the retention policy listed below. Special Categories of Data The law makes a distinction between personal data and special categories of data. The latter includes personal data of a more sensitive nature, which usually cannot be processed, unless there is a special reason which allows such processing. Such information includes personal data relating to an individual’s;

• Racial or ethnic origin;

• Political opinions;

• Religious or philosophical beliefs;

• Trade union membership;

• Genetic data;

• Biometric data for the purpose of uniquely identifying a natural person;

• Data concerning health;

• Data concerning a natural person's sex life or sexual orientation We will never store or process any data which is deemed to consist of special categories of data without obtaining your prior written consent or unless authorised or required by law.



 Your data is processed through our systems usually for ESS to be able to provide you with our products. If you have applied for a position with ESS, your personal information will be analysed to assess your suitability for the position you have applied to. If you have subscribed to our mailing list, your personal information shall be used so that we can send you promotions and offers as they arise in any of our showrooms. If you contact us in any of our social media pages, we will not use any of your personal data, other than for statistical purposes, after we have answered any of your queries. In some cases, your data may also be processed by a third party, in terms of the current data protection laws, who would be assisting ESS in selling our products or in our marketing function. The law further obliges us to share your data with the competent authorities in certain situations as detailed under the relevant laws and regulations. Your Rights Your personal data appertains to you and thus you have the right to decide what happens to your data. Below we have listed the rights that the law gives you in relation to any of the personal data provided to us.

 1) You have the right to access your data. You have the right to ask for a copy of your personal data.

 2) You have the right of recitifcation of incorrect data. If any data we have is incorrect, you have a right to ask for correction of such data.

 3) You have the right to be forgotten and that your data is earesed after the passage of time. You may request ESS so that any data that we have on you is deleted. As stated above, due to legal requirements, your data will be held by ESS for the periods stated in the data retention section and then deleted.

 4) You have the right to restriction of procession. This can be done in the following cases:

 i. Where you are contesting the accuracy of the data, while such a claim is being checked;

 ii. If we process your data unlawfully

 iii. If we no longer need your data but are keeping the data because we need it for a legal claim;

Kindly note however the if you exercise this right, it may hinder the ability of ESS to provide you with our products.

 5) You have the right to data portability. Your data may be requested in a machine-readable format and you may also request that your data is transfered directly to another person.

 6) You may object to the processing of your data. You may at any time inform us that you are objecting to the use of your data for direct marketing and after which we shall stop using your data for such purposes.

 7) If you have provided consent for the processing of your data you have the right to withdraw that consent at any time which will not affect the lawfulness of the processing before your consent was withdrawn

 In making your request in relation to the above, please not that:

 • We will analyse your request and provide you with a reply within one month, except in extreme situations as allowed under law. In such a case we will provide information as to why your request was not acceded to within the one-month period.

• We have the right to refuse your request, if your request is not justified. In this case we shall inform you as to the reasons of why your request was refused.

 • We have the right to charge a fee or refuse your request in extreme situations where your requests are manifestly repetitive or excessive.

 • When you are making a request, we may request documentation to identify the person making the request. You have the right to lodge a complaint to the data protection authority of your habitual residence if you believe that we have not complied with the requirements of the law. Legal Protection In terms of the local laws and regulations and the GDPR, we strive to provide the best possible protection for your personal data. This is to ensure that:

 • Your data is processed according to law;

 • Your data is not processed in violation of your rights; • Your data is obtained and stored for a specific lawful purpose;

 • You are properly informed about your rights and about your data;

• The date processed is required and not excessive;

 • Your information is accurate and updated;

• Your information is stored safely and securely;

• Our IT systems are properly protected from attack in order to safeguard your data;

• Your data is kept accordingly to our established time frames and not for a longer period than required;

• Your data is not transferred to jurisdictions which do not adhere to equivalent standards without the appropriate safeguards as stated under law.

 Marketing From time to time we may send marketing material to individuals subscribed to our mailing list. These will mainly consist of offers in any of our stores. We will not send any such material unless you have consented to receiving this information and you can unsubscribe at any time, after which, we will delete any relevant personal data in our systems related to the sending of marketing material to you. You can click here to subscribe or here to unsubscribe please send an email to marketing@ess.com.mt